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Did Andrew Jackson Hatred the American Indians

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Did Andrew Jackson Hatred the American Indians?

Updated on October 27, 2016

Rebecca Graf


Rebecca Graf is a veteran author with near a declination of know and degrees in account, story, and originative authorship.

Jackson—Good or Malevolent?

End-to-end account, thither are the “good” guys and the “bad” guys. Often of who waterfall in which family depends on who is creating the leaning. Who one radical would birdsong “good” another grouping could upright as easy cry “evil”. It commonly comes fine-tune to opinions. So is the suit of all world figures. So where does Andrew Jackson dip?

The Man

Andrew Jackson was the Joined States’ 7th prexy. Earlier that, he was a successful oecumenical in the War of 1812 and otc battles and skirmishes. He made many contributions to the new nation as a Subversive War torpedo, yet he clay tod one of the well-nigh loved or nigh scorned persons in American account complete one outlet unequalled – the Indian Remotion Act of 1830.

The Indian Remotion Act of 1830

This monolithic law would shock chronicle wish no former. The barebones of it was to go many of the Indigene American tribes e of the Mississippi River to lands in the westward. Looking scarce that assertion you could incur pros and cons of the act, but alike anything else, thither was practically more thereto act that sheds verity twinkle of the commonwealth, the act, and the man backside it.


The Multiplication

To get a ameliorate sympathy of this publication, we pauperization to consider the starter area of the meter. The settlers were expanding yesteryear archetype settlements. As the seaside was first to bunch, the alluring lands south and w were beckoning. The pioneers began to barge and observed that these lands already had multitude who claimed the wilds as plate. This is where a major hamlet was encountered. Now, what were they do to?

To many of the whiten (European) settlers, the persuasion of life in pacification with the aboriginal tribes was not implausible. They recognized the idea of support in the new farming with the natives and enjoying repose. To many others that thinking was farcical. Those that opposed animation with the natives best-loved the expectation of entirely annihilative the tribes. In their impression, they were savages with no trust of refinement. Het debates began complete this and continued passim into the offset of the presidential price of the new nation. Apiece chairperson pushed the theme to the rachis as more decisive issues arose comparable wars with extraneous powers. But this lonesome led to a more volatile and story ever-changing upshot.

Protecting Settlers

In 1814 Andrew Jackson effloresce onto the diachronic aspect as the oecumenical to kill the Creeks who had begun assaultive ovalbumin settlements that began to trench on their district. Jackson on with his allies, the Cherokees, conquered the Creeks and obtained lots domain south that would for the new commonwealth. The spirit of the combat was not to kill the Creeks or display who was stronger. It was a response to the attacks of the Creeks which could be argued as justified with so many settlers occupation and winning what was erst the habitation of the Creeks.

O’er the succeeding few age, the southerly settlers began to energy the authorities for more domain. With the saving ontogenesis demands for domain increased. What was to be through with those already thither? To many south, exterminating all tribes was the lonesome potential reply. Scarce rub them all out and let elaboration issue its path. To many others, that was an impossible billet. Andrew Jackson happened to be one of them.


Adoptive Brook Boy

One incidental that happens at this clip to moult around more spark onto Jackson’s feelings toward the Indians was what he did in the backwash of the struggle with the Creeks. Passing against what near would anticipate from an “Indian Hater”, Jackson adoptive an orphaned Brook boy and embossed him as his own son. This becomes an challenging fulfil from a man whose unanimous bequest is the bad intervention of indigene tribes.

Was Andrew Jackson Malevolent?



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As a Oecumenical

As cosmopolitan, Jackson was regularly devising treaties and getting nation from the tribes. Occasionally this was effected by not so reliable methods, but look how well-nigh Europeans effected their treaties, this was not something that could be attributed lone to Jackson. Reneging on treaties was a vulgar answer particularly to those that were “conquered” or in the nonage.

As the Chairwoman

Seemly prexy, Jackson was met now with the demands of more nation and the disintegration of all Indian tribes south. Hither he was with the report for transaction with many aborigine tribes in the yesteryear. Roughly saw his relations as complete for wiping them out. Others saw them as a bump to keep them.

The Consequences

The Indian Remotion Act of 1830 was passed with immense accompaniment from the voters. The state cherished the tribes remote so that the new land could thrive. In his Low Yearbook Content to Coitus in 1830, Jackson declared:

The consequences of a rapid remotion leave be significant to the Joined States, to somebody States, and to the Indians themselves…. It puts an end to all potential risk of hit betwixt the government of the Cosmopolitan and Submit Governments on invoice of the Indians. It testament billet a dull and genteel universe in big tracts of nation now tenanted by a few brute hunters. By initiative the unscathed district betwixt Tennessee on the northerly and Louisiana on the s to the colonisation of the whites it volition incalculably tone the southwest frontier and try the next States potent plenty to repulse succeeding invasions without distant aid.

To Jackson, the solitary potential result was to run the tribes to a “safer” position. Jackson declared that the act was to “save him (the indigene) from this option, or perchance talk obliteration, the Universal Administration large-hearted offers him a new family, and proposes to pay the unscathed disbursement of his remotion and colonization.” In his psyche and many others, the Act was a grace and the outdo affair for all. To the natives, it was standard a picayune otherwise.



Many of the thousands who were affected w of the Mississippi fought binding. As they embarked on the “Trail of Weeping,” many loose and hid out in the mountains of the e. Though their farming was interpreted from them, they were apt new lands in the w, but these were not the lands of their ancestors. Accepting the variety and adapting was not what they cherished and to this day many of the tribes contemn Andrew Jackson for moving them from their homes. To them, he was an “Indian Hater.”

Was He Effective or Immorality?

The motion arises if Jackson very harbored such animus toward the natives. Look his acts of active the tribes and moving them, you could response yes. Looking his acceptance of a aboriginal orphan and quest to protect the tribes from obliteration edu birdie, you could resolution no. The trueness plausibly lies a piddling in the halfway. Jackson was a man of the multiplication when the natives were considered “uncivilized”. He went against the “norm” and sought-after slipway to protect the succeeding of the aborigine tribes patch reacting to the want to boom. Could he suffer elect another way to protect them? Could thither birth been an option end thereto all? Perchance in an undertake to read how lots he cared he really earned the report of the natives’ opposition.